Progesterone Use After Hysterectomy And Bso


Asked by Trebe

Progesterone Use After Hysterectomy And Bso

Is progesterone appropriate after hysterectomy with ovaries removed? I have read that without ovaries the progesterone can't be used properly. Is that true? Are there still benefits to using progesterone?



Hi Tre...this is a great question. From most people have been told by their providers, they don't need progesterone after a hyst. This is a very narrow view of how hormones work in our bodies. It is entirely appropriate to take progesterone afterwards. For the matter of fact, almost every woman in my practice who has had a hyst is also on progesterone. This is because, with or without a uterus, many women suffer from sleep disruption and mood disorder and it is these 2 areas where progesterone does most of its work. It helps with the quality of sleep and stabilizes/enhances mood. I highly recommend it if these issues affect you. Just because you don't have the ovaries that previously made the progesterone, doesn't mean you don't need the hormone they made!

Hope this info is helpful.


Answered by Sandy Greenquist