Progress on the Pump!

Patient Expert

Good news: we convinced our daughter to try the insulin pump. As you know from my previous blogs, we had brought the horse to water but were having trouble getting her to drink. I had tried every rational argument possible with her, and she was respondingby trying every pre-teen argument possible back. Finally, I had to go to the last resort of parents everywhere:

I bribed her.

Let's just call it "incentivizing." Her dad and I offered her a choice of three prize packages -- a party with her friends, tickets to a concert or a family weekend getaway. She immediately said yes, but then decided that those prizes were too fleeting. She wanted something permanent that would reward her on an on-going basis for her bravery. We already have a dog, so that was out of the question. So she moved to the next best idea: she wants her own room. Her younger sister is holding out and not agreeing to the deal, but I'm working on that. The important thing is Annie said yes before she knew what the prize was, and I think it's because she knew how important this was to us. It's like she just needed that extra push to get brave and do it.

She's been on the internet checking out pump accessories - the one she's most excited about is, which has colorful stick-on patches for holding the infusion set in place on your belly. We've started the process with the doctor and even though this is nothing new to families already on the pump, I'll keep you posted as we go through the process with an eye toward anything new, different, or useful to other families.