After A Prostatectomy - Is It Normal For Depression + Other Physical Symptoms To Start? Psa Is Norma


Asked by Joanie

After A Prostatectomy - Is It Normal For Depression + Other Physical Symptoms To Start? Psa Is Norma

My Husband had a radical prostatectomy in Feb 08. While he has been fortunate not to experience incontinence and erectile dysfunction -he has developed (and diagnosed) with severe depression. He had a Total Knee Replacement in 5/06 and had had chronic pain in the knee to ankle and foot since 8/06. It is evident that soon after the prostate surgery his tolerance to deal with the chronic pain diminished. He is relatively young, and in spite of the pain, up until the prostate surgery you would never know that the pain was interrupting his life most of the time. He's been working at a physical job that he loves and has hobbies. Since the surgery he barely makes it through the workday. Earlier this week he came home from work and thought he was having a heart attack. His Dr diagnosed him with severe depression and anxiety. He also saw the Podiatrist and they gave him Lexapro and Lyrica - they feel there is nerve impingement in the TKR. I am sorry to give all these gory details but his decline has been so apparent - both his physical and mental decline since the surgery. He has lost a great deal of weight - he has lost a lot of muscle tone it is scary. His PSA was 0 in April, and his surgeon told him he didn't have to come back to be tested until September? From all my reading it really should be 3 months. I advised him to see his Urologist this week! I now this all must sound crazy - but I am / we are scared. I thought it and mistakenly so, thought it could be to do with testosterone levels. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you! Joanie


Hi Joanie,

I feel for you. I too have a man who has been to the brink of hell and back with medical issues and I know where you are at. It is very possible that your husband is suffering from depression as a result of the surgery and other medical issues. You can read more information about how to work around the depression here in the depression database. No matter the cause of the depression, this information will help you ask all the right questions. Some things that have been known to help depression are: Medical massage. You can read an article from the Archives of Surgery here about how massage can sometimes aleve pain after surgery.

Since he is seeing several types of doctors (podiatrist, urologist, etc) you want to make sure you keep an accurate record of everything your husband is taking, all his meds whether they are prescription or not. Even vitamins and suppliments. Make sure you tell your doctor everything so he can watch for and warn about interactions. You can read about the drugs commonly prescribed for pain here in the chronic pain database. Here you can read about Lyrica. Here you can read about Lexapro. Now Lexapro is an antidepressant. Lyrica is used to treat nerve pain, like that of a diabetic. The two of these together might be questionable and you want to make sure you ask your doctor about any interaction between them.

As far as your husband's PSA and his return to the doctor in September, April to September is only 5 months and it is possible your doctor feels that is soon enough to see yous husband. If there is an issue that you think warrants seeing the doctor sooner, then you should.

I hope this helps somewhat. Please do take care of yourself and your doctor. I hope all is well.

Vicki M