How Do I Protect My Child From Her Mother?schizophrenia-manic Depression-bi-polar


Asked by lostman88

How Do I Protect My Child From Her Mother?schizophrenia-manic Depression-bi-polar

the mother of my child has left the home and is trying to get custudy of our child when its been state mandated that she not be left alone with the child.she has visual and auditory visions and is very easly taken advantige of.she has been taken in by people that are feeeding the fire so to speak makeing her call the cops and file for custudy.when she has allready signed over full and sole custudy of the child to me.wich she has allready forgoten and is trying to get the child again...this time she is claiming that i abused her and beat her with outlandish do i protect myslef from these false claims and keep her away from my child?yes her history is well documented shes been in and out of the hostipal with cutting fits were she cuts herslef or hurts herslef somehow.she has been in and out of the hostipals for weeks at a time.can they keep that out of the courts?


Hello lostman,

While I understand your concern and it is valid, I agree with mimi that the main thing is getting your ex-wife the help she needs, including daily medica6tion as prescribed by a doctor. The issue of custoday may be debatable in court, yet the fact is, she is your child's mother and deserves to be in your child's life. Getting into treatment and staying in treatment will allow her to be there for her kid.

Again, I agree with Chris. Your concern borders on stigma that is unfounded if your ex-wife gets and stays in treatment. You need to cut her some slack, understand that she has a right to see her kids, and work with her on this.



Answered by Christina Bruni