Protected sex just as enjoyable

Let the debate begin.  According to research from the Indiana University School of Public Health, American men and women don’t believe there’s a difference in enjoyment and arousal when having sex both with and without protection.

The study was based on an online questionnaire answered by American men and women between 18 and 59.  The researchers were able to detail whether or not condoms or lubricants were used in recent sexual encounters, and whether or not this dampened the enjoyment of the sex.

The researchers  were able to gather information detailing the quality of the participants' most recent sexual experience and conclude whether condoms or lubricants have any influence on their quality of sex.

Overall, the men who responded said they did not see a big difference in enjoyment when using protection, while women were more hesitant, often because they weren’t sure whether the condom used had lubricant and what the material of the condom was.

The researchers say the results of the study can help reinforce the need for safe sex practices, and that increased education on protective options needs to be continued.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Protected Sex Just As Enjoyable As Using No Protection At All