Protecting Those Hips: Hip Protectors?

Health Professional

The new research questioning the benefit of hip protectors is simply a reinforcement of the importance of fall prevention. Whatever the merits of those special pads, it seems to me that all of us must do what we can to help avoid falls for ourselves and our loved ones...  especially if we are older or have osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Whether that means going to the eye doctor for a checkup (and getting new glasses even if the prescription is not significantly different), or waiting to get an item from a high shelf till someone else can come help (rather that getting on that stepstool-- at one point my other and I actually hid the stepstools in the house from my grandmother so she wouldn't use them).

The risk of hip fractures, and any fracture, is just too great... about 20% of those who suffer one end up in nursing home care because of it.