Is it OK to Take Protonix and Calcium Supplements Together?


Asked by Nettie

Should You Take Protonix At The Same Time As A Calcium Supplement?

There seems to be some conflict about these two pills being taken at the same time. Does protonix negate the value of the calcium supplement pill?

Why do the manufacturers recommend taking Protonix in the morning when it is in the evening that you are lying down and the acid backs up? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to take it at night and after you eat? Let the acid assist the digestion and move the food and then coat the area with Protonix? I would like to know what I am missing here. Something doesn't make sense to me.

If calcium should not be taken with Protonix, shouldn't that be a warning on the label? What is the FDA's take on this? Do they even know?


Hi Nettie,

Thank you for your question! There is no documented drug interaction between Protonix and calcium citrate or calcium carbonate (the two most common forms of calcium taken). I'm not sure where you got this information, but all the sources that I've checked do not have an interaction listed. The FDA does review the research being done on medications, and will make recommendations based on that research.

Protonix is best absorbed on an empty stomach, so taking it in the morning allows the body to absorb as much of the medication as possible. One tablet remains effective for 24 hours, so taking it in the morning should help it to work through the whole day. I hope this helps!

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