Can Prozac Make The Patient Forgetful?


Asked by Nancy

Can Prozac Make The Patient Forgetful?

I am taking fluxitine for a while 3 years and I am an absentminded person which is getting worse. I am afraid that it might be the side effect of Prozac. Can Prozac make the patient forgetful?


Hi Nancy,

A side effect of Prozac is some memory loss but I think this is more a feature of its short term effect rather than something that becomes progressively worse. You describe yourself as absentminded but this could be related to depression than any effect of the medication. If your lifestyle is rather predictable and under-stimulating you may find that your concentration levels lapse. This could just be a sign that you might benefit from a little more activity. Alternatively, if your lifestyle is a bit too hectic and stressful, memory can be affected too.

So, no straight forward answer but if you feel your meds are influential I'd certainly have a chat to your doctor and perhaps discussion some variation in the dosage. Even changing the time of day you take meds can influence how you feel during the day.

Answered by Jerry Kennard, Ph.D., CPsychol., AFBPsS