Psychedelic drug prevents asthma in mice

Psychedelic drugs are well known to strongly affect the brain, but a new study with mice at the Louisiana State University suggests that their effects might be helpful in treating asthma and possibly other ailments of the body.

A drug known as (R)-DOI was given to mice in levels that wouldn't affect behavior, and the researchers found that it prevented inflammation of the airways and overproduction of mucous. It also deactivated specific genes in the lung associated with immune response. And that prevented the development of asthma.

The study's lead author explained the value of the findings: "Not only is this a significant breakthrough in the field of study of serotonin and psychiatric drugs, but it is a breakthough in the field of asthma as well. We have identified an entirely new anti-inflammatory mechanism for the treatment of asthma in the clinic that could someday be administered in an inhaler or daily pill."

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Asthma development prevented with psychedelic drug in mouse study