Can Being Punched In The Boob Cause Breast Cancer?


Asked by Melynda Hassett

Can Being Punched In The Boob Cause Breast Cancer?

Is it possible to get breast cancer from being punched? I was punched in my left breast about 20-30 times within three weeks. I'm 15 years old, and some people have told me it can cause cancer, and others have said it can't. I need a straightforward answer.


Being punched in the breast won't cause breast cancer; but it can cause scar tissue, which in turn makes it harder for a mammogram to detect any possible tumors as you get older. So clearly, it's something you want to avoid.

Please don't worry about breast cancer right now. At your age, breast cancer is so rare that statisticians don't even track its incidence; please read our post on breast cancer risk in teenagers for more on that.

The larger issue is, why are you allowing yourself to be punched? Unless those 20-30 punches were delivered all at once in some kind of violent attack, it sounds like horsing around of some kind was happening. Please don't take punches lightly (especially to your breasts, which are sensitive); when tempers flare, "playful" punches can easily escalate to something worse and more harmful. If you're being bullied or assaulted, even in "fun," you need to tell the school nurse or someone in authority. This isn't good for you, mentally, physically, or emotionally. I hope you figure out a way to avoid this kind of situation in the future. Take care.

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