Pure Blood No Semen


Asked by brian

Pure Blood No Semen

i have blood in the semen i have has all the tests and i have been told i have a small cyst on my prostate, and calcification of the prostate, psa is 1.8 ultrasound , cystcopy, bladder is clear prostate massage urologist said they got a lot of browm fluid out and checked for parasites it was clear,but i was given cyprofloxacine for 4 weeks the blood cleared and i thought all was back to normal, mysemen was a lovely creamy white colour for a couple of weeks and then it went to pure blood every time i masturbate, i am very frightened even though i have been told all is ok,also after the blood has come out in my semen, i will then urinate the rest of the blood but do NOT get blood clots at all when i urinate,i am sure the blood in the urine is residual and what is left after masturbation,

please try to help me i am very frightened indeed i am also 57 years old quite fit and i hope healthy.

thankyou in advance.


You have had a very extensive evaluation of your prosate and lower urinary tract. Hematospermia (blood in the semen) is self limited. Eventually it will stop. It appears that the major disease of the prostate and the lower urinary tract have been eliminated as being a cause. It does appear that you are healthy!

Answered by Jay Motola, M.D.