Purple Blood Spots On My Breast


Asked by nixpinx

Purple Blood Spots On My Breast

I woke up this morning with purple blood spots on my right breast. Now my chest is hurting... Should I be worried?


If you mean chest pain like heart or lungs, please call the doctor right away.

If the pain is in your breast, you can take some time to assess the situation. Think about any changes in your routine that might be causing this and/or any trauma that might have caused bruising. If you can't think of anything, then check with the doctor. This link to rashes common on the breast might give you some ideas about what could be causing the problem. This article on breast pain will help you assess your situation. Because this just happened, there is a good chance it will go away on its own, but if the pain persists or if you run a fever, see a doctor.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson