Pus Forming After The Bypass Surgery


Asked by Ajfazith

Pus Forming After The Bypass Surgery

My father had a bypass surgery by 21 jan 2015 and he discharge by 6th fen and 10 days back we take him for inspection. There they found puss form inside the stitch so they give antibiotic and they open the stitch and clean three times a day now doctor said due to diabaties and urinal issue it would happen so they decide to take him for operation for cleaning and vacuum and the suspect it may affect the bone if it is deep infection they have to open completly for cleaning and removing infected areas in tissue and bone.kindly let me know whether this is a common problem or serious issue or it can be cure. What are the way's for cure this issue.


Developing an infection is a risk with any surgery, including bypass surgery. It sounds like your fathers health history increases his risk. I recommend continuing to consult with his doctor to determine appropriate treatment and prognosis. ~ Lisa Nelson RD

Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN