Question About Low Pulse Rate And Dizzy Spells.


Asked by gardengirl

Question About Low Pulse Rate And Dizzy Spells.

Blood pressure is about 154 over 70 lately, with a low pulse rate of 49. Is this something I need to worry about? Feeling tired, more sluggish lately and incurred a head injury 1 year go. Now this past week, having dizzy spells - especially when I move my head. Planning on going to dr to have this checked out (possible Vertigo??). I'm not liking these dizzy spells at all. My busines has been real slow this year, so I'm not working outside as much - not getting all that physical labor I really need right now. Any advice?



Hi Gardengirl,

Yes, definitely consult with your physician. A typical adult heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute and your systolic (top number) is elevated. You may be interested in the following two posts:

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