Question of the Week: What Problems Do You Have Step Parenting a Child with ADHD?

Health Writer

A while back a member of the site wrote a question frustrated over step parenting a child with ADHD. Some of the responses included:

"I need help My step son has ADHD, and its BAD there are times we can not do anything with him... and I dont know what to do I'm too the point of leaveing can you help with advice on how to better handle this?"

"neither of his natural parents have ever picked up on the fact that there is truly a problem that needs to be addressed. I'm the step-mom who happened to be the first to raise a flag....."

"How do you go about trying to deal with an ADHD child and and keep to a routine etc when the natural mother absolutely refuses to accept ANY advice from professionals? She has the idea in her head that no one will tell her how to raise her child."

It seems this is a particularly difficult situation because the step parent may be struggling not only with the child's behavior but one or both of the natural parents fighting a diagnosis.

_My question this week: Do you have experience raising a step-child with ADHD? What difficulties have you encountered? _