I Have A Question About Unexplained Anger And Frustration.


Asked by Dorian

I Have A Question About Unexplained Anger And Frustration.

My question is, how do you go about understanding what makes you so angry inside? Usually when I'm alone, everything seems fine, and I'm not aware of how I feel, but once I am around someone, I then realize that I feel angry inside. It's as if what ever is going on, holds me back from showing emotion, from smiling, showing compassion, expressing how I feel, and even expressing love. On the flip side, I can be the most loving, giving, caring, most genuine, and most approachable guy in the world. It's as if something is consuming the good in me half of the time. I would hate to see everyone deprive themselves of me because of this. Besides my dad choosing not to be a part of my life, I really have no reason to be angry or upset. I have people around me that love me to death, but can't stand who I become sometimes. I can be very ugly on the inside at times. I want to come to a point to where I can be happy majority of the time, not only for a few hrs or so. It is so draining and stressful. What do you think this is, or what can be done about it?* -Dorian

A lot of people feel that I mask this emotion inside by acting very prideful, and walking as if I have a chip on my shoulder. This mood that I frequently undergo, is linked to a lot of things! I really need help.


Hello Dorian

This is a very difficult question to answer because we only know what you have described in this one paragraph. Emotions can be tricky things...sometimes we are not sure why we feel the way we feel and sometimes we are unable to even identify the emotion. I think it is a very good first step that you recognize that there is a problem and you wish to change.

From what you are telling us...it seems that you feel okay when alone but then you feel angry when others are around? Is this feeling related to any particular person or set of circumstances?

One thing you could do is to chart your mood and write down what conditions are present when you are feeling angry and also what happens after. Is there anything which helps you to feel better?

Can we ask how old you are? Sometimes during the teen and young adult years it is hard to control emotions or know what to do with them. Do you have any supports to talk to about this? Friends? Family? A counselor or therapist?

Let us know more and we can try to steer you towards some resources for getting some help.

Thank you for sharing here. We would love to hear more from you.

Answered by Merely Me