Questions About Cyproheptadine


Asked by Lisa

Questions About Cyproheptadine

Has anyone had success with cyproheptadine? Any side effects you noticed? I started it last night and woke up with a monster migraine this morning.


Hi Lisa,

Cyproheptadine or Periactin is an antihistimine sometimes used for Migraine prevention usually in children. One of the potential side effects listed is headache. Now does that mean your head pain is from the periactin or have you experienced a Migraine trigger? I don't know. But it can take up to three months to see a reduction in our Migraine frequency and severity when we start a new medication.

Now, if this medication isn't the one for you don't lose hope! There are over 100 others available. I know how easy it is to feel as if you've tried everything out there, but there are so many medications that can be used for Migraine and headache prevention that it's literally impossible. You can find a list of potential Migraine and headache preventives in Migraine preventive medications - too many options to give up!

I hope this helps.


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk