Radiation Cost


Asked by summer

Radiation Cost

In a nut shell...Any idea what 33 radiation treatments (10 minutes each Rad.) might cost? My Ins. Co. won't pay it (I'm appealing), I will be able to get the "contracted/allowable Ins. rate since I do have Ins.) so, the radiation place told me that I would be paying what my Ins. Co. was suppose to pay on their end (plus my part) which is still much cheaper than "self pay". But when I called several radiation places, trying to get just a ball park figure as to how much ($10,000.,$20,000.etc.) no one could tell me any thing. They all said I would have to first get a scan and mapping done before they would know. I understand that, but please just a ball park idea. I'm going to have to get a personal finacial loan from a bank to have my radiation until this Ins. thing is settled, I would really like some kind of idea as to how much I may be looking at.

In the mean time I have exhausted trying to get any type of financial help.... as it turns out even though my husband has been laid off x2 now and his unemployment has run out, I have been the sole bill payer for a little while now I do not qualify for any finacial assiatance of any kind.. this is do to the fact that I have a savings account of $3000. and aI make more than $300.00 per week. Here I am working F/T trying to finish up the Chemo (only 2 left to go-YEAH!) and now I have to get a loan on my own for radiation yet I can not get a ball park figure to work with a head of time!

If I have to I will get the loan some how at the last minute, I have a feeling I'm going to have to do the scan and mapping like they have told me in order to find out the cost. I have until May 6th. before I begin radiation, I would have like to have been able to go get a loan by now or begin the "process" for a loan.

Any one: any idea a ball park figure: 33 10 Min. Rads. might cost? I would be getting it on my upper right breast, had a lumpectomy. Thank You!


Hi - A few things first. If you're getting radiation at a hospital or cancer center, have you spoken with the social workers there? They're very good at helping patients figure out how to deal with financial issues. Second, please read our post on financial resources for cancer paitents - you might find out you qualify for some help from a non-profit.

Just doing some casual online research, it looks like your radiation would cost about $20,000-$25,000. But I sure hope you can get some help here, before you take out a loan. Best of luck to you- PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel