Radiation And Nipple That Is So Swollen


Asked by mary

Radiation And Nipple That Is So Swollen

nipple swollen and so sore from radiation ,It feels like someone is pouring fire on it and then twisting it to pull it off , I have three more treatments to go , they are doing the boost now and would that make it hurt that way my stress level is also way up as my husband went and had a stress test done and he has to have an angiogram done two days after my treatment is over, IF I still hurt like this don't know how I will be able to stay at the hospital all day. Please pray for me and strength to get through the rest of this. I have been able to work for the last six weeks , just had to cut back by two hours, so surely I can get through this as well. My husband has been great he took off from his job to take me back an forth to tx and helped around house and cooked, so now i nedd to be there for him. Thank you for reading this. God bless all of you and hooray I am nearly done with treatments. Love Mary


I'm so sorry, Mary. For your pain, and now for the extra stress of worrying that you can't tend to your husband's health, after he's been so good about tending to yours. You'll get through this one way or another. Have you tried cold compresses? Those flexible gel-packs you put in the freezer? Please ask the radiation techs or radiooogist about them; I think it might help to tuck one in your bra, and keep refreshing it (If you're wearing a bra at all) - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel