I Have Random Breast Pain. What Could Be Causing It?


Asked by photosnappr

I Have Random Breast Pain. What Could Be Causing It?

This pain doesn't last long, and it's very mild. My PCP did a breast exam and ordered an ultrasound; nothing was found. I'm still getting these random pains, and was just wondering if anyone can help me with this. I'm 27 years old.


You may be experiencing fibrocystic change, a bothersome yet ultimately harmless condition that many women your age deal with. Though the ultrasound would have likely picked up on any large cysts, it wouldn't have identified the hormonal issues that often lead to this kind of pain.

Since this has been going on longer than a month, and you've had a negative ultrasound, you might ask your PCP to refer you to a  breast specialist,  a doctor or nurse who deals predominantly with breast issues; s/he might advise having a mammogram, as it would offer a different view than the ultrasound. I think seeing a specialist would be most likely to yield some results for you.

Answered by PJ Hamel