Rash Under Arm Pit


Asked by Scared Mom of Two

Rash Under Arm Pit

I keep getting a rash under my left armpit, even when i don't shave for a few days. I changed deodorants to one with melaluca and it burns. I have had breast issues with my left breast for a long time and am still waiting to get answers. I also keep getting small red rash dots in the same area lower under my left armpit, closer to my breast. I have had various mammos/ultrasounds done due to ongoing breast pain and a thickening feeling I have had in my left armpit/breast area and they cannot see anything on the mammogram. Could this be a beginning sign of IBC? My nipple also is VERY tender whenever I touch it. I do check it every morning for leakage just because I am VERY afraid of getting Breast Cancer since it runs in my family. Any advice?


Hi - It's a good sign the mammogram doesn't reveal anything; I'm glad you're diligent about noticing these changes in your breast, and addressing them.

If you've had the rash for longer than a few weeks, I'd suspect it's nothing to do with IBC; that would have develop into something more serious-looking by now. But what is it? That's the question. Could be a nerve issue; a hormonal issue...

Have you been to a breast specialist? I'd try a breast specialist before a dermatologist, because then you could ask about ALL the issues that have been bothering you. And if the breast specialist rules out cancer, then perhaps it's time to see a dermatologist? Hope you get some relief soon - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel