Rash After Biopsy


Asked by hawwod

Rash After Biopsy

I had a breast biopsy four days ago. Yesterday, after my shower, I noticed a red rash developing on the breast where the biposy was done. Now it's the whole breast. Doctor thinks it could be an allergy to the anesthesia, or latex they used. I have read a couple of instances about allergies to the clips they leave in. Any idea what it could be? He seemed to have never have seen this happen before. BTW, the biopsy itself was negative.


Well, I'm glad the biopsy was negative, at least! It does sound like some kind of topical allergy to something they used during the biopsy, or perhaps to the clip they marked the suspicious spot with. Did they leave a titanium clip in your breast? It could possibly be an allergic reaction to that, if so — I've heard of rare allergic reactions to titanium. Hopefully it'll abate soon... PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel