Rash On Butt Crack


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Rash On Butt Crack

Every month the week beofre my period I develop a rash ansd what seems like it might be hemroids on my anal area and the top of my butt crack. It is itchy and uncomfortable and diappears after my period starts. The rasjh at the top of the crack makes me think its not hemroids. There is no discharge, sometimes the rasj can appear as red bumps. What is this? and what do I do?. Im convinced it corrolates with my menstral cycle and not food or irritant related. Hermroid cream does seem to help symptoms


The body goes through alot of changes (obviously) during your menstrual period and it may be that something occuring then is triggering this rash.

Heres the URL for the Rectal Pain or Itching page from the Check a Symptom pages http://www.healthcentral.com/prostate/symptom-157855-74.html at Health Central. It does not mention hemorrhoids. Since the pain from hemorrhoids is due to an injury not to an infection it would seem unlikely that it would spread outside of the injured area. The page lists several factors that can cause rashes among them a yeast infection - yeast infections are more common around a woman's menstrual period.

I suggest you go through the Check a Symptom process and see what it suggests for you. The Check a Symptom box is on the upper left hand of the Chronic Pain and other Health Central pages.