I Have Had This Rash On My Finger For Almost 3 Months Now. Please Help...


Asked by dewgoddess

I Have Had This Rash On My Finger For Almost 3 Months Now. Please Help...

I am 21 years old. Almost 3 months ago I found this small dry patch on the inside of my right pinky finger. It was a bit itchy sometimes and flaky. About the size of a dime maybe, perhaps a little smaller. I figured it would go away eventually. A week, two weeks later, it was still there. Itchy and annoying. It stopped bothering me for a little while. A week or so later, I noticed it was a bit bigger and was itchy. A few small red bumps around it, spread out. Day after day it seemed to very slowly get bigger. It got more red bumps and was very very itchy. Crazy itchy. For a short period of time I made the unthinking mistake of scratching it a lot. But I stopped. My mother had this red fungicidal liquid (actually meant for animals) and it is used on ringworm and such. You put it on often throughout the day. I thought it might've been ringworm since it was in a sort of round shape. I used the liquid for almost 2 weeks and nothing happened. The rash would suck up all of the liquid and would appear dry. It would feel better afterward. When I would bend my finger it wouldn't stiffen or crack or hurt (like it did for a while) after the liquid had been put on. But it never made a difference or helped to rid me of the rash. So, I decided to try my dad's prescribed fungicidal cream he gets for athlete's foot. For about almost 2 weeks it would be put on often and I noticed it seemed to be slowly getting better. I was running out of cream and the rash was doing better, so I started only putting it on once a day most days. That was a few days to a week ago, somewhere around there. Now, since yesterday, it started up itching again. The red bumps are back and it seems almost back to the way it was. Instead of a small little area like before, now it is much bigger. It goes from almost the middle of the top of my pinky to the middle of the bottom of my pinky. And it is as long as a bit past the nuckle. Please help!


Thank you for your question.

I am not a medical professional and am not able to give you medical advice.

Since this has been going on for several months and you haven't found anything that takes it away, it is best to consult a doctor. He or she would be able to find out what is causing this.

While many rashes are harmless and take the correct medication to resolve, there are also more serious problems that can cause different types of rashes. That is why it is good to talk with your doctor.

I do want to advice against using medication prescribed by a vet for your dog as this could potentially cause more problems.


Answered by Eileen Bailey