Rash With Red Bumps And Blisters. What Could Cause This?


Asked by nae

Rash With Red Bumps And Blisters. What Could Cause This?

My two young children suddenly developed red bumps and blisters. It started on their feet and legs and then spread to their arms and hands. They do not have a fever. I have tried Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream but it didn't seem to help. Our pediatrician wasn't sure what could be causing this. What could be causing this?


Bed bugs can cause what you are describing and they can invade the cleanest of homes.  It would require you stripping the beds, washing everything in hot water - probably twice - and getting the mattresses checked for these tiny creatures.  You could seal the mattresses in plastic, which ultimately kills the bugs.

Right now, there is a huge onslaught of these creatures in homes and hotels across the nation.  People even bring them home in their suitcases unknowingly, after staying in infested hotels - and again it can happen even at ritzy hotels.  The bumps fit the profile - not sure about the blisters.  Did they run a fever before it happened? Certain viruses also present this way.

Could it be a contact dermatitis or new allergy (though with both kids getting it at the same time??) but I would see if you changed any home cleaning products, bathing, clothing - bed clothes - towels - materials, clothing that they might be reacting to - also any food products that are new that they both ate.

I'd consider using Cetaphil which is very gentle for bathing.  Hope some of these suggestions help - and I can only imagine your frustration with having to wait to see the second doctor.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.