Rats! Caught A Cold And Now I Have Bronchitis!


Asked by Leslie

Rats! Caught A Cold And Now I Have Bronchitis!

On my third month with Humira and my joints are feeling really good and then I caught a cold and two days in, bronchitis. I headed into the nearest med express and got a breathing treatment, an inhaler, some cough sryup and an antibiotic. The doctor prescribed the antibiotic even though it was likely viral because I'm on the Humira and advised me not to take my Humira and to call my rheumatoligist on Monday. I'm stressed that I can't take my Humira and afraid that the pain will be back.


It's always hard when you have to stop your RA medications because of an infection. But the truth is, our bodies just don't have it in them to fight off infections when we are taking our medications because they suppress the immune system. So it's always best to call your doctor and ask if you should stop your meds when you have a fever or infection so you don't end up with something worse, like pneumonia.

I almost always end up with a flare after I get rid of an infection and am able to start back on my meds, but the good thing is flares always end sometime, so there is hope on the horizon to feel better all the way around when you listen to what your body needs more.

Take care of yourself and feel better soon!