Re-occuring Painful Lump Between Breasts, Make It Go Away!


Asked by Concerned31

Re-occuring Painful Lump Between Breasts, Make It Go Away!

I have a reoccuring painful lump under the skin that develops directly in between my breasts and causes an ugly pimple like bump on the surface of my skin. Of course it went away right before I got in to see the doctor, so she just dismissed it as Costochondritis (inflamation of the sternum), but it's been back several times since then, and is currently back again (usually comes every couple of months... the lump starts small, about the size of a small grape, then enlarges to about the size of a golf ball, though it doesn't protrude from the skin, but does cause the zit looking thing and then eventually recedes and you don't really feel anything after a couple of weeks.) It's uncomfortable and ugly (and seems to have left a permanent blemish now between my breasts even when it's not there.) What's going on? How do I stop it from coming back? Could it be breast cancer? I am 31 years old and this has been happening on and off for the last 18 months or so. I can not even sleep on my stomach (my normal sleeping position) because it's painful when pressure is applied to that area.


Hi - this is almost certainly not breast cancer, luckily; a cancerous lump wouldn't appear and disappear and reappear, off and on, for 18 months. It would appear and grow. Sounds like you need to see a breast specialist to really figure out what this is. I'd suggest you get a referral from your GP; most breast specialists are located at cancer centers, so you might have to travel. But this issue sounds really bothersome, so go ahead and get the process started with your GP, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel