Read a book

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Read a book.   Sounds simple, doesn't it?   Not to a dementia sufferer...   Even in the early stage, it is difficult for me to remember what I have read once I put the book down or my attention is drawn away from it.   With medication, I am better able to focus as I read.   Medication allows me to stay on for longer periods of time.   Still I have the problem of what do I do?

I take notes...brief words describing the topic or main idea or important details...   I write these notes anywhere on the page I can.   (Don't try this with a library book)   At the end of the chapter, I write a brief summary (a sentence, maybe) telling how it ends.   The next time I pick up the book, I skim through the notes to catch up; then I continue on to the next chapter.   There are even times when I cross reference something so that I can refresh my memory later.

Now, there are some folk out there who might think that this is all too much work.   I don't see it that way.   Granted, it takes longer.   However, one of my passions has always been reading.   During the 34 years I taught, I rarely had the free time to read casually.   Since my retirement three years ago, I have tried to read all that I could to make up for it.   I got very frustrated when I began to lose the ability to sit and read and to remember what I read.   Now, with my diagnosis, I understand the reason for my difficulties.   Now, with medication, I am beginning to get back to reading for fun--even if it means taking notes as I do it.