Recently Noticed A Mass Under My Right Breast On The Sternum Bone That Feels Fixed And Bony.


Asked by aran

Recently Noticed A Mass Under My Right Breast On The Sternum Bone That Feels Fixed And Bony.

hello. i am 25 yrs old and have a history of breast cancer in my family - two aunts on my father's side had it, and one died from it in her 40's. i've recently noticed a mass under my right breast on the sternum bone that feels so hard and bony - very fixed. it hurts during my period, and my breasts swell, then the pain goes away after my cycle. however, the lump is still there. i've noticed this over the past few months. it seems to grow and shrink depending on my cycle, but stays. my left breast has no lump or anything and the same area feels flat in comparison. my right breast has also always been bigger than my left (though i am an A cup), but it now seems slightly larger still, though not quite a full cup size larger. i often feel sensations in my right breast lately as well - a kind of sharp pain every now and then. i ignored this mass at first because it truly seems to be my bone. my boyfriend also said it felt like bone. it seems to be getting bigger and i am absolutely terrified and in tears over it. i plan on going to a clinic asap, but i am with out health insurance, so i am very worried about getting proper care. can anyone shed any light on this for me? thank you so much... all the best, erin


Erin, your description doesn't sound like typical breast cancer symptoms. For one thing, breast cancer symptoms don't usually come and go. If you are right-handed, you probably have more developed muscles on the right side including the muscles around and under your breast tissue, which could be part of why your right side is bigger. And many people are just naturally larger in one breast. However, you are also having pain, which is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. I don't know what the hard, bony area might be, but you should show it to a doctor to get more information. Find out if there is a free or reduced price clinic in your area. Your local doctor may also be willing to work with you on payments while you are uninsured if you ask ahead of time.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson