I Recently Suffered From Dehydration (3 Days Ago)


Asked by AJ

I Recently Suffered From Dehydration (3 Days Ago)

Today I was diagnosed today by a doctor of having a virus. I fell ill late Tuesday morning, and have tried to rest and hydrate, but it seemed to be a battle. I would be sweating one minute and freezing the next; it felt like I had the flu. I did take some Naproxen for a couple of those days, trying to bring my fever down and help with the body aches. The doctor said my blood pressure was high. I've never had a high reading before, and wondered if it could be caused by the pain I am in. The doctor gave me a shot for pain, but nothing else. Told me to return in the morning if I didn't feel any better.


Hi AJ,

Dehydration, physical pain, and infection can all cause blood pressure to rise. I recommend monitoring your blood pressure after you are recovered to make sure it returns to normal. If not, discuss with your physician.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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