Recharging Our Batteries to Cope with Migraine

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Is living with migraine disease getting overwhelming and depleting your emotional resources? Or maybe you're feeling drained, like you have nothing left to give mentally and emotionally, from life in general? Today's pace of life can be so frenzied.

I've found myself feeling this way fairly often, and if I don't do something about it, it intensifies. Along with feeling that I have nothing left emotionally to support and help other people, my productivity and efficiency decline. When I'm feeling like this, I also find it more difficult to cope with my migraines. A migraine that I might otherwise cope with very well results in a pity party, rage at the disease, and being totally unpleasant to be around. That kind of reaction to a migraine attack that responds to treatment and takes me out of commission for only a couple of hours is a sure indication that something needs to be done to recharge my emotional batteries.

When I reach that point, there's nothing anybody else can do about it. I have a wonderful support system, but at such times, nothing they can say or do makes a difference. That's when I must proactively do something to regain my balance. There are a few things I've come to realize can help:

  • Get away from the computer, turn off the phones, and watch a favorite movie.
  • Take a weekend with no computer or phones and visit our grandchildren.
  • Take a day where I don't go near the computer at all, turn off the phones, then take my camera to a nearby state park and take photos.

These are great measures for me, but what I've found to be best is to take a real vacation once a year. That doesn't mean a vacation with our grandchildren, following them around an amusement park, and still checking my email and answering my phone. It means getting totally away from everything - no computer, no phone, no work.

Two years ago, I found my ultimate total get-away vacation when a friend asked me to go on a cruise. It was perfect. Seven days with no computers or phones, nothing I had to do unless I wanted to, a cabin steward who straightened the cabin daily, all of my meals prepared for me, and 24-hour room service. On top of all of that, there was the joy of the ocean. I could sit on my cabin balcony and enjoy the beauty and serenity. After that cruise, I vowed to do it every year because I felt totally refreshed and ready for anything that might come my way. My husband doesn't like to travel, so our agreement is that I go on a cruise with a friend every year, then don't fuss at him to take me on vacation. This year, one of my migraine family friends is going with me in October. We can't wait! Just 186 days to go, but who's counting?

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