Recurrence Of Lobular Carcinoma


Asked by Teresa Tuttle

Recurrence Of Lobular Carcinoma

In June, I was diagonsed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma at age 43. My cancer is HER2 negative but Estrogen and progesterone positive. I had a biateral mastectomy. My tumor was 8+cm in my right breast and I had a no lymph node invasion! yahoo. Following surgery, I had 4 AC treatments every other week, followed by taxol treatments every week for twelve weeks. I am completing my 32nd consecutive radiation treatment on Wednesday, March 17! As I prepare to enter the world of, "Ok, your treatments are over, go live a normal life!", I am growing increasingly anxious! Specifically, since lobular carcinoma is difficult to detect..... how will I know if it returns somewhere other than the small amount of breast tissue I have on my left side.? What kinds of symptoms have other patients with recurrences experienced?

My second question is, " Tamoxifin has some side effects that I am very apprehensive about! 5 years of menopause symptoms is enough to make my head spin! What are the studies that compare use of Tamoxifin to not using it as far as recurrence? My doctor tells me my rate of cancer returning is 8% less if I take it!


Hi Teresa - Here's Phyllis' link on follow-up care . She's right - it's scary to be done with treatment, and face those feelings of "Who's going to take care of me now?" With a bilateral mastectomy, your chance of recurrence in either breast is reduced to a minuscule number; and without spread to the nodes, your chance of a distant recurrence (outside the breast) is also mpretty minimal. Your chances of living a long and healthy life are REALLY high, so focus on that, not the tiny chance you might have to deal with cancer. And know that time heals; it really does. I had invasive lobular, with lymph node involvement; and I'm 8 years out, doing just fine. You'll get here, too. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel