Recurrent Shin Bone Aches, Thumping And Pain


Asked by brenty2002

Recurrent Shin Bone Aches, Thumping And Pain

I have been experiencing terrible aching pain on my right shin bone since about four weeks ago. It happens intermittently regardless of either walking, sleeping or sitting down. The pain starts with a nudge and proceeds to an aching pain and lasts for 1-3 minutes. Then it eases off and comes back again in short periods. It can reoccur several times within an hour. The pain site is not swollen, inflamed or red but the pain is excruciating when it occurs. I have been to my doctor and he doesnt seem to know what to do. I have had a full blood analysis and the result has not flagged any problems. I have also had an X-ray taken, which also showed nothing. I will be grateful if any one could diagnose what is going on inside my leg.


I have no idea what is causing this but I think, given that the doctor, try as he might, has not helped that you need to branch out and start asking for second opinions and referrals to specialists. You've had an x-ray but, of course, there are more precise imaging tests that have not been run.

Neuropathic pain, if that is what you are experiencing, can be difficult to treat and it can take some time to find the right medication.

If you continue to flummox the medical profession you might want to try NORD, the National Organization For Rare Disorders, and see if they can give you some guidance. Good luck!

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