Red Blister Like Dots On My Left Breast. Ibc?


Asked by Mskermit

Red Blister Like Dots On My Left Breast. Ibc?

Hello a month ago I found a red like blister on my left breast it looked like a spider bit so I left it alone and it festered and went away ... well you can still see it just not sore like or oosing. tonight I looked at my breast again and notice 6 more red like bites not oozing or anything but blister like. I have not noticed these before and there are non on my right breast. I do have some what of a rippling in the bottom of my breast. They have been sore and tingly expecially the left.

to give a breif background in march of last year i had my thyroid taken out ... they did biopsys and found what looked like lymphoma, they then did a deep tissue biopsy and it was Hashimotos thyroditis. We took it out. Ive been on meds ever since.

Since they found what they thought to be lymphoma I have been just watching everything ever since.

I have heard of IBC and Cancer all sorts of Cancer runs in my family. Not knowing if it is genetic ... what should I do? If I see a doctor what kind of doctor ?

any kind of response would help. Im 29 and a mother of 3 Last year with the waiting and thinking I had Lymphoma scared me to death the thought of IBC Scares me even more.. .

Thank you and God Bless


This doesn't sound like a typical IBC presentation. The fact that a similar red blister went away on its own suggests that this is not cancer-related. Cancer symptoms do not usually "come and go." I would suggest you call the doctor who is treating you for the thyroid condition in case this is related. Your thyroid doctor will be able to refer you to the right doctor from there, if necessary.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson