Red Blood & Mucous In Stool. What Could Be Causing This?


Asked by cmforner

Red Blood & Mucous In Stool. What Could Be Causing This?

My question was cut off earlier. I had a colonoscopy 6mts ago & the dr. stated I had"good" polyps, is there suc a thing and could they turn bad. Also I still have pencil thin stools when I can go and I also have large amounts of white/clear mucous and red blood passing. What is causing this and what should I do. My dr. thinks I am just depressed. If you can't poop for 2 weeks that will make you depressed. Please give advice.



You should consult with your doctor again. Mucus and blood can be caused by many different things. People with IBS can have mucus in their stool when their GI tract gets aggravated. If you are seeing bright red blood, mainly on your toilet paper, or in the bowl, this is most likely from a hemorrhoid. Darker colored blood can be from bleeding in the colon, usually higher up in the colon and should be checked-out.

You'll have to ask your doctor about the polyps that they found. I would assume that by 'good' he or she was saying that they were not found to be cancerous.

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Answered by Elizabeth Roberts