Red Blotches On Breast?


Asked by lp92

Red Blotches On Breast?

Yesterday I noticed two red blotches on my left breast. They are both next to each other, one small and the other bigger. I don't have any other symptoms, but obviously as they are on my breast it is worrying..
Should I book a doctors appointment ASAP or wait and see what they do?


With skin issues on the breast, I think one good way to make a decision about whether to see a doctor is to ask yourself what you would do if these same red blotches were on your leg or tummy. Some rashes on your leg would send you immediately to the doctor, but probably most of the time, you would watch to see if it got better on its own within a week or two. There are two rare types of breast cancer that do include rashes, so if the problem continues or if it gets worse, give the doctor a call. If it is hard to get in to see your doctor, you could book an appointment for two weeks from now and then cancel it if the blotches go away on their own. If the problem progresses to pain, swelling, warmth, or more extensive redness, ask to be seen right away, especially if you have a fever. These would be symptoms of an infection that would need prompt attention.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson