I Have A Red Bump On My Areola. I Need Help


Asked by Janet Lynn

I Have A Red Bump On My Areola. I Need Help

Hi i am 20 years old and a few days ago i noticed a red bump on my areola. It hurt at first and now it no longer hurts. I thought it was a pimple but now i'm not so sure. it feels like theres a lump underneith it on the inside. I'm very concerned about this. On monday I am going to call my doctor but any input is greatly appreciated so i can stop thinking about it.


Janet, what you describe isn't a typical breast cancer symptom. In addition, you're awfully young to consider the possibility - it would be incredibly rare for you to have breast cancer, given your age. I'm guessing this is probably a pimple, as you first thought. There are oil glands all around your nipple, and they can become clogged just like the oil glands on your face. When they do, they can form a bump such as you describe.

That said, definitely call the doctor Monday. Ordinarily I'd say wait and see if it goes away on its own, but you sound quite stressed; so you might as well be proactive about finding out what this is, and whether you need to do anything about it. Take care - hope you get it figured out soon. PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel