Red Bumps Under Scrotum And Red Spots Around But Not On Penis.


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Red Bumps Under Scrotum And Red Spots Around But Not On Penis.

This all started on holloween. I trimed my pubic hair about three days as i do regularly. Holloween night i had unprotected sex with a chick i met that night. It was a little over an hour long but i imediatly got in the shower after. a couple days later I had some little red dots very much like pimples but they did not "pop". These spots only apeared in my pubic hair above my penis and there where aprox. 7 or so spots. after about a week they were gone. Almost a month later i had sex with the same girl. this time i used a condom for the first session and failed to the second time. But i did clean my genitals after both sessions. 5 days later or so I had what looked like the same spots but this time they were where my scrotem would most often rest agianst my left leg. there were about 15 this time, and they did not fade after a week. hoping it was acne of some sort i tried rubing alchol to no avail. although it did make the spots very bright red. a few mor apeared and crossed over to the same spot on the other leg but far less in numbers maybe 5 or 7. then i got 3 red spots in the same place as they had originaly started. and one under my scrotem about one inch back. this last bump is raised but with no seam it is definatly not a wart. It is the lagest of all the bumps and the only one significantly raised also this bump and one in the group of 3 are the only bumps that cuase any irritation.

Please refrain from telling me to get checked or go to an md because i already have plans to. Any insight or even speculation woul be helpful thanks


I'm glad you have the appointment set up and I would venture to ask the girl outright if she is aware of possibly harboring any STDs or other infections - I know it sounds crude but if she is unaware that she may be transmitting something to you - you should clue her in - she needs a GYN appointment as well.

Your differential diagnosis could be herpes, or another STD or some other type of infection. FYI - showering after unprotected sex is usually not going to help an actual STD exposure. You need to use a condom to prevent transmission.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.