Red Bumps In A Straight Line


Asked by Kim Morris

Red Bumps In A Straight Line

I have a series of red bumps on my right arms that start at my elbow and go up to my shoulder. They are in a perfect line and it itches like crazy. What do you think it is?


Hi Kim

That is really strange. In researching your question I found one reference to bed bugs causing a line of bumps. Is this a possibility?

Here is another article from Dateline NBC where they say: "So how do you know if you've become dinner for bed bugs? This woman had two of the classic signs - she went to bed fine and woke up itchy, and she had red welts all in a line-bed bugs walk along blood vessels, sampling as they go."

Your best bet though is to go see your doctor or dermatologist. It could be anything from insect bites to some allergic rash where something came into contact with your skin.

Good luck and thank you for your question!

Answered by Merely Me