Red, Itchy Bumps On Legs And Abdomen. What Could They Be?


Asked by GSA

Red, Itchy Bumps On Legs And Abdomen. What Could They Be?

A few weeks ago I noticed a few red bumps on my leg and assumed they were mosquito bites. A few days later, there were about 15 bumps. They have turned hard, itch and are sore to the touch. Lanocane helps stop the itching but the bumps are not going away. Should I see a doctor?


I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice. It is also impossible to say with any certainty what could be causing this rash. I would suggest contacting your doctor and if necessary, a dermatologist.

However, in the meantime, here are some possible causes:

Allergic reaction: You could have an allergic reaction to a food you have eaten. Allergic reactions can appear even if you have eaten the food before and not had a reaction.

Poison ivy or allergic reaction to a plant: While poison ivy doesn't spread, if you scratch it and then scratch somewhere else on your body you can bring the rash from place to place.

There are also a number of bug bites which can look like a rash, including bed bugs, fleas and mites.

Rashes can be caused by a number of things, including stress, bacterial infections, fungal infections or as a side effect of medication. You should contact your doctor if your rash doesn't go away within a few days or if you are experiencing any other symptoms, such as body aches or fever.

Answered by Eileen Bailey