Red Itchy Spot On Left Breast


Asked by bella

Red Itchy Spot On Left Breast

i woke up the other morning and found a spot on my left breast. it appears to look like an insect bite slightly raised and red. it does itch but i have been treating it with cortizaone and the itch goes away. it has been less then a week i cant tell if its getting better. i have been outside alot lately and even on a golf course. can it be an insect bite or something else.

any information would help


Hi Bella - It could indeed be an insect bite - even a spider bite, which tend to last longer. If it gradually goes away, fine. If it lasts for another few days up to a week, you might want to get it checked. A rare type of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, sometimes begins with what looks like an insect bite. However, I'm betting that since cortisone seems to help (and cortisone wouldn't help IBC), it's probably nothing to worry about, so please don't stress too much as you wait for it to go away. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel