I Have A Red Pimple On My Breast. Could It Be Cancer?


Asked by colleen

I Have A Red Pimple On My Breast. Could It Be Cancer?

I have a small red spot that seems to be a pimple on my left breast. The doctor says it's only on the surface, and doesn't resemble IBC. However I'm still worried about it because I've had it for over a week now; if it was a pimple, shouldn't it have disappeared by now? There's no pain associated with it, and no discharge, but my imagination is running wild. I might have small pains in my breast and around my areola area, as well.


While inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) can begin with what appears to be a small red pimple, this type of breast cancer is very rare; fewer than 5% of breast cancer patients have IBC. So it's unlikely this pimple, whatever it is, signifies cancer. You're understandably concerned, since it's lasted over a week. But please don't panic; if this irritation appeared elsewhere on your body - your forehead, or shoulder, for instance - how worried would you be?

In addition, if you had IBC, more of your breast would have become involved. Since you seem to know about IBC, you'd recognize those symptoms (swelling and redness, heat, itching, a rash, etc.). In addition, it's unlikely the small pains you think you may feel would signify cancer. Breast pain is seldom a cancer symptom.

Breast boils, a condition that's painful and annoying but not dangerous, can sometimes begin as a small pimple. But unless the pimple becomes a lot larger and more painful - or it evolves into something affecting more of your breast - best to assume this is a minor and temporary skin irritation and treat it accordingly, OK?

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