Red Swollen Bump Under Arm Pit


Asked by sarah

Red Swollen Bump Under Arm Pit

This is the second time within 6 months that I have developed a raised red bump under my left arm pit. It is extremely tender to touch and the surrounding region is tender as well. I don't believe this is an ingrown hair follicle and I am in menopause, so it shouln't be something to do with that time of the month. I hae had it now for 5 days and am wondering if this is something worth going to my doctor about?


Sarah, this probably wouldn't be a breast cancer symptom, as tumors don't come and go - they come and stay. However, you might want to get it checked out anyway - sounds like it could be some low-lying infection affecting your lymph nodes. Please read our post on armpit lumps for a good explanation of what else it might be, and what you should do about it. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel