Red Wine May Reduce Smoking Damage

A new study shows that drinking red wine may help occasional smokers avoid some harmful effects of smoking. The report was published in The American Journal of Medicine.

Smoking causes short- and long-term damage throughout the body. Short-term effects include inflammation in the cardiovascular system—which, according to researchers—may be counteracted to some degree by substances found in red wine that help improve vascular function. The study showed that drinking a glass or two of red wine before smoking helped to prevent vascular damage.

For this study, 20 healthy non-smokers volunteered to smoke three cigarettes. Half of the study participants drank red wine one hour before smoking and did not experience vascular changes related to cigarette smoke. This research was limited to young, healthy, occasional smokers, and it's unknown whether the protective effects of red wine apply to older adults, people with a medical condition, or chronic smokers.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: ScienceDaily