Red Meat May Raise Stroke Risk

If you eat a lot of red meat, you could be raising your risk of having a stroke.

Researchers at the University of Wurzberg in Germany analyzed data on about 11,000 middle-aged people who didn’t have other risk factors for strokes such as diabetes or heart disease, and followed half of them for about 23 years.

And they found that the people who consumed the most red meat had a 47 percent higher risk of ischemic stroke – caused by blockages in blood vessels supplying the brain - than those who ate the smallest amount of red meat. Protein from poultry, seafood or vegetable sources like nuts and legumes didn't appear to add to the risk.

The highest intake of processed meats like bacon, sausage and jerky was linked to a 24 percent higher risk of strokes.

Eating more eggs was linked to a 41 percent greater risk of hemorrhagic strokes, a less common type that is caused by a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

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Sourced from: Reuters Health, Red meat linked to increased stroke risk