Red wine could mask testosterone levels

How long will it be before star athletes caught cheating will start blaming red wine?  It wasn't steroids, it was the red wine!

New research from London's Kingston University has found that drinking red wine can actually decrease the amount of testosterone excreted by the body, leading to higher levels of the hormone.  When an athlete is tested for performance-enhancing drugs, his or her testosterone levels are measured and compared to what is considered normal, within a particular range.  Drinking red wine, then, could elevate these levels and distort results.

The red wine contains a compound known as quercetin, which blocks the function of enzyme UGT2B17, which searches the body for testosterone, then signals the kidneys to flush it out.

Certainly the effect that wine would have on a person's testosterone depends on numerous factors, including weight, fitness, health and diet, making it difficult for doctors to pinpoint how much of an impact a sip from the bottle could have.

Sourced from: Science Daily, Red Wine Could Mask Testosterone Levels, Experts Warn