How To Reduce Breast Size Without Surgery?


Asked by shweta

How To Reduce Breast Size Without Surgery?

I am not otherwise heavy, but my breast size is very big, bulky and heavy. Is there a particular way (exercise or other) to reduce breast size without resulting to surgery?


The breasts are made up primarily of fatty tissue, so the best way to reduce their size is by keeping a consistent healthy diet and by maintaining a regular fitness program. I know it may be hard to believe that the old adage of "diet and exercise" can really make this big of a difference on your body, but it's true! Consequently, we are actually hard wired to "hate dieting" - but you can change that.

Heavy breasts can also lead to other health issues such as neck pain. This is why following a consistent healthy lifestyle, including fitness, is so important to your overall health. And reducing the size of your breasts is an even bigger perk!

Make sure to stick to your healthy lifestyle program in order to see results. Try this six week fitness program and try incorporating these five nutrients everyday to see if you see a difference.

Answered by Lisa Gulley