How Can I Reduce Swollen Fingers (Below 2nd Joint)


Asked by Ann Brown

How Can I Reduce Swollen Fingers (Below 2nd Joint)

I've been told I have Osteoarthritis in my hands but haven't got much in the way of pain. Problem for me is that 2 fingers on each hand are very swollen from the 2nd joint down (my wedding ring had to be re-sized within one year from P to V - not sure I could get it off now though). And the fingers nearest to the thumb are the other ones swollen. These are sometimes mildly painful but main problem is stiffness and inability to bend them far because of the swelling.

The rest of my fingers and hands are normal sized and above 2nd joint on swollen fingers are normal size, although have slight bumps on top joints of small fingers but not much in way of swelling.

Doctors have no suggestions for me - I feel if I could just reduce the swelling some of the mobility and stiffness would go - any suggestions please.


Have you tried some simple remedies for swelling?

You can try applying ice or a cold pack for 15 minutes at a time (15 minutes on, 20 minutes off) and see if that helps the swelling.

If your doctor is unwilling to help you find a solution to the problem, then perhaps you should consider finding another doctor.

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