Regression Therapy for Migraine - Valid Treatment?

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Migraine pain is at times so debilitating those living with it will do almost anything to get rid of it. I realized just how desperate some people with Migraine become when I read the headline, "Doc cured my migraines by taking me back to a past life in 1800s America." It not only got my attention, but irritated and intrigued me at the same time. So I continued reading the article looking for the "cure."

Nicolas Aujula who is 26-years-old, believes regression therapy can help minimize if not eliminate, different types of chronic conditions such as Migraine and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). One day, during a meditation session, he "witnessed" himself in past lives as an Aztec soldier, an Egyptian priest and a vagabond. He thinks the disorders some people have are due to past life traumas and/or injuries. Aujula states when people suffer from pain it's due to the dying experience we had in our past life and the loss of our physical body we once occupied. He feels that after death, our "energetic body" survives and moves on to the next body; however, if we suffer a traumatic injury or death, this can place a stamp on our "energetic body" and move along to the next body we occupy. Here are a few accounts of people who have seen Aujula.

  • Lisa Palmer believes the reduction in her Migraine frequency is due to Aujula's regression therapy. Once in Aujula's office, feeling relaxed and meditative, Aujula was able to "guide" Ms. Palmer through a past life where she died from being hit on the head with a coconut. She envisioned being a young girl with brown hair on a beach in the Caribbean, whose father had passed away. It then became her responsibility to gather coconuts and care for her sister. One day while doing so, she was struck on the head with a coconut and was killed. Aujula wanted to know where she was hit, and Palmer was surprised to describe that it was in the exact spot where her Migraines start. Ms. Palmer now reports having two "minor headaches" and is much happier having disposed of all her Migraine medication.

Mathew Waters has IBS and was struggling with pain. Aujula used various exercises to get Mr. Waters in a relaxed, meditative and "slightly hypnotic state." They then discussed some of his prior relationships and soon realized Mr. Waters had issues with men who were similar to his father - domineering. Mr. Waters was asked to consider some of his past painful experiences during his therapy but when doing so, think of how he would have preferred these events to have turned out. The right sided stomach pain Mr. Waters was having seems to be connected to the dominant men in his life and issues with control. By not "venting it properly" he became stressed then ill. He reports his IBS has been reduced by 95% and he is now able to make better choices when he comes across something that may trigger his IBS.

  • Kimberley Wyld took part in Aujula's regression therapy and saw herself as a 20 year-old living with her brother and parents in 19th century America. Ms. Wyld witnessed extreme trauma when her house burned down while the rest of her family was still inside and died. In her next regression session, she was married to a man whose career required him to travel frequently, often making her a single parent raising their child alone. She walked onto the porch one day and was struck on the side of her head by a beam, which happens to be the same side of her head where her Migraine pain is. Since seeing Aujula she hasn't had a Migraine attack in two months, "despite experiencing some stress."

Comments and concerns:

There is no cure for Migraine disease, IBS and many other chronic conditions right now. Migraine is a complex genetic neurological disease. The most current theories, backed by research, show it to be caused by genetics and a cascade of events that impact overly excitable neurons in our brains. Once our overly sensitive brains are triggered by certain stimuli such as changes in the weather, hormones, dehydration, sleep issues, and certain foods, and others, a Migraine may occur.

Hopefully in the not too distant future that will change. What's concerning is when people who are in severe pain look for alternative ways to rid themselves of it and in doing so, find less than reputable methods. Please don't misunderstand me, I know how it feels to be desperate for pain relief and willing to do just about anything to stop the pain -no one should live a life in chronic, debilitating pain. But that doesn't mean people or "providers" should take advantage of patients. Regression therapy is not proven, via clinical trial or any study to prevent Migraines. The placebo effect however, is alive and well.


Burt, Victoria. "Doc cured my migraines by taking me back to a past life in 1800's America: Can regression therapy banish present day aches and pains?" The Sun. November 29, 2012.

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Thanks for reading, and feel well.

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