Relationship with grandparents drops depression rates

According to new research from Boston College, having a strong relationship with your grandparents as an adult makes a person less likely to suffer from depression.  The scientists found that an emotionally-close grandparent-adult grandchild relationship can benefit each person's psychological well-being.

This study involved analyzing several surveys collected between 1985 and 2004.  The sample comprised 376 grandparents and 340 grandchildren.  Those who had a strong bond with other generations exhibited real, measurable psychological effects, resulting in reduced rates of depression symptoms.  The study also found that giving tangible support to or getting it from grandchildren can affect the psychological well-being of the elders.  Tangible support, in this context, includes anything from rides to the store and money to assistance with household chores and advice.  Grandparents, in particular, benefit from feeling needed, worthwhile and independent.

The study suggest that efforts to maintain strong emotional bonds should not be limited to the traditional nuclear family, and that people of all ages can benefit from a cohesive family unit.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Depression less likely when there is a strong grandparent-adult grandchild relationship